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Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) and Tile (LVT)

Luxury Vinyl Plank

Waterproof Kid Proof Pet Proof

More and more consumers are turning to the revolutionary idea of water proof flooring. Any floor shopping experience with a goal to purchase the most durable floors, ended with a purchase of porcelain tile. While not the most inexpensive floor, definitely the most durable, long-lasting, and waterproof. Most all homes located south of Altanta, GA all the way to through Florida, contained tile in the most commonly used areas, such as the foyer and the living room, dining area. Tile is and will always be the most suitable product for families with active lifestyles, kids and pets.

But some families like hardwood flooring styles and colors. And we don’t blame them. So when the luxury vinyl tile (LVT) category came to the market, we didn’t hesitate to bring stock in to our warehouse in Suwanee Georgia, right outside Atlanta. We also brought tons of material in our long-time Adairsville Georgia location, north of Cartersville and south of Chattanooga, TN. With so much material in stock, we can service any location in Northwest Georgia.

What Is LVT – LVP?

Luxury Vinyl Plank and Tile is a waterproof flooring made of vinyl, known as luxury vinyl. The flooring industry uses the initials LVT or LVP. The vinyl is cut into planks, just as a hardwood flooring would be. The widths and lengths vary depending upon the manufacturer, but most times are 5″-7″ wide and 48″ long. LVT is imprinted with a high-definition picture that resembles tile or wood flooring. The concept is taken from laminate. Most LVP products are very pet and kid friendly and very resistant to household chemicals and indentations. The aluminum oxide finish is very resistant to scratches, much more than hardwood flooring.

LVT and LVP come in an array of colors and patterns, from rustic barn-wood looks to marble and stone looks. If you can imagine it, there is more than likely a pattern in the showroom.

Time needed: 30 minutes.

How To Find a Durable LVP Product:

  1. Check-Out The Retail Company

    Every company has a LVP product. But the product is only is good as the company that stands behind it.

  2. Match Up Colors

    Always pay close attention to the colors of the furniture in the room and the paint. LVP colors may look great in a well-lite showroom, but the actual room where its being installed may not have as much light.

  3. Check The Warranty

    Most luxury vinyl plank products have a 25+ year warranty. Because LVP is a vinyl product, its much harder to scratch. Anyting less than 25 years has a flaw.

  4. Is It Waterproof?

    Technology has given us lasting, durable products, and LVT/LVP is no different. Unless the manufacturer is boasting a waterproof guarantee, consider finding a brand that is waterproof. There are tons of options out there like the Luxwood brand.

  5. Attached Pad

    No matter what the critics say, any product that is free floating needs an underlayment. Check the back of the LVP to see if it has a underlayment or pad attached. This saves money in the long run. a 2-3 mm thickness on the pad should do.

  6. Take a Quarter To It

    A vinyl product that’s not resistant to scratching is bound to have a short life, especially with kids playing on it. Check the LVP resistance by rubbing a quarter across the top veneer, just to see how it holds up.

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