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Mosaics and Profiles

Bathroom and Shower Upgrade

Your bathroom is a common area for relaxation. Add a little character to it with a mosaic of your choice. Your style is original.

Design Features

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, why not show off a little. Customize your tile with glass or ceramic mosaics.

Its Time

Before you can redesign your life, you must start putting purpose into things you love. Its time to start over with a new shower.


Create a Masterpiece With Us

Mosaics are the most widely used decorative pieces for bathroom showers and kitchen back-splash. There’s a certain amount of style and design that can order the layout of a simple tile design. A few different elements from a well thought out mosaic can transform your bathroom into a place of peace. Mosaics are mostly crafted from ceramics, but glass has given mosaics and profiles a step toward heaven. Be unique, live a little.
Uses of Mosaics:

Mosaics range from a variety of decorative art using glass, stone, pebbles and all colors.They are used as a statement piece in your home or office such as a backsplash, shower floor, shower walls, a feature wall and so much more.  Mosaic tiles are also great for a smaller bathroom floor. Where larger tiles may not fit the space.  There are all sizes of mosaics used to create a dazzling or down to earth personal design.

Showroom Containing Full Selection Of Mosaics

Customer care is our priority. It’s your dream and we want to assist in evolving that dream into reality. With a full selection of tile mosaics in our showroom, we can piece together the most basic to the most elaborate tile design, creating a masterpiece. We have 2 gorgeous showrooms outside of Atlanta, showcasing porcelain tile flooring and accessories. Our prices and service are unbeatable. Call us today!