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Natural Stone


Natural Stone comes in a array of colors, creating a masterpiece that will stand out.

Water Proof

There’s nothing unnatural about natural stone. Stone flooring, walls, and structures stand the test of time.


The possibilities of natural stone creations is only limited to your imagination. Create a display that will last a lifetime.

Unicom Starker Renaissance Silver

We’ve all heard of slate, travertine and limestone. But the possibilities that one can achieve through careful planning with one of our natural stone experts, become endless. As time goes by, our structures don’t have to fade. With natural stone, you are simply taking nature’s product, and giving your fireplace, patio, bathroom, or house exterior a piece of time-crated art.
4 Reasons to consider natural stone for your next project:

  • Protection – Last longer than traditional flooring and siding.
  • Maintenance – Natural Stone is a naturally forming material that repels grim and hand-prints.
  • Waterproof – Though stone absorbs some water, it protects against spills.
  • Tough – With aluminum oxide protection, you don’t have to worry about wear and tear of life.

Stone and Ceramic Tile have always been the top contenders in the kitchen flooring arena. This is because they are impermeable to water. They are typically priced all over the place depending on what type of tile you choose. The only  issue with ceramic or stone is the possibility of cracking if you drop a pot or pan on the floor. But all and all an excellent choice for kitchen flooring.



$0.99 Porcelain and Travertine

$5 Mosaic Tile Sheets