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Mir Oregon Porcelain Subway/Wall/Mosaic Tile

The Mir Oregon is a wonderful display of neutral wood color tones for floor and wall tile.  This beautiful color selection can create several different designs giving the ambiance of glory and sophistication.

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The Mir Oregon Collection, has several colors, with many design choices that can be styled in various ways to create different looks and feels.  From the standard tile color to a deco and even hexagon mosaic, the possibilities are endless.  The Mir Oregon is displayed on a 7.9″ x 47.2″ wood look board for the standard tile, 11.8″ x 47.2″ board for the deco and the mosaic comes on a 9.8″ x 11.8″ slab.  These tiles are waterproof, kid-proof and pet proof.  Subway porcelain tile is resistant to scratches and makes an excellent flooring option for low foot traffic.

Standard Wood Look Tile

Sheet size: 7.9×47.2″

Thickness: 5/16″

Packing: 4 pcs/box

Sq.ft/box: 10.36

Sheet Coverage (sq.ft): 2.59

Weight/sheet or sq.ft (tiles): 5.1

Edges: Rectified

Variation: V4 (substantial)

Deco Plank

Sheet size: 11.8×47.2″

Thickness: 5/16″

Packing: 4 pcs/box

Sq.ft/box: 15.47

Sheet Coverage (sq.ft): 3.87

Weight/sheet or sq.ft (tiles): 4.6

Edges: Rectified

Variation: V4 (substantial)

Hexagon Mosaic

Sheet size: 9.8×11.8″

Thickness: 5/16″

Packing: 5 pcs/box

Sq.ft/box: 4.02

Sheet Coverage (sq.ft): 0.80

Weight/sheet or sq.ft (tiles): 3.52

Edges: Rectified

Variation: V4 (substantial)


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