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Wood Look Tile

Test Of Time

Wood plank tile is an obvious choice for flooring. Consumers understand the challenges of everyday life. And who has time to care for flooring everyday.

Design Ready

There are endless looks and designs that will mesh well with your interior. Various colors and patterns make it a suitable choice for redesign.  Choose wood-look today.


Made of porcelain tile, wood plank tile is virtually indestructible when it come to moisture, Use this in bathrooms, kitchens, and even outdoors, to modernize your look.

Wood Look Tile Gallery

Why Wood Look Tile is Better Than Hardwood:

There are several reasons that you should consider when installing a new flooring system. What is my foot traffic like? Are there possible locations that are prone to moisture? What’s easy to clean? With a wood plank tile, these questions will lead you to a world of possibilities you thought weren’t possible before. Unlike hardwoods, wood plank tiles are resist to water, almost entirely. The only water damage you MAY incur, is under the tile in the sub-floor. Hardwoods are notorious for denting and severe scratch marks. Not with wood tile. With a ceramic and aluminum oxide finish, you can’t tear into the hard tile. Carpet is prone to stains, no matter what they say. Carpet is also known to house germs and tiny critters, so replacement is inevitable. Wood plank tile doesn’t provide a place for germs to hide, leaving your floor sturdy and clean. Which makes wood plank tile a better choice over Hardwoods and Carpet!

  • Hardwood floors tend to leave indentions on the face of the wood.  Making tile a scratch proof surface.
  • Wood look tiles are easier to maintain due to there durability. 
  • Hardwoods are three times more likely to get negative sun exposure after prolonged times.
  • Hardwoods do need to be refinished every few years with that being said: It is cheaper to reseal grout on tile every so often then to refinish hardwood floors.

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